First Health Blog

As my first blog about my health, I want to help you understand that the following blogs I am going to post and write… well they are personal

I have nothing to hide and am often helping others with what I have learned from my odd life but this is my first real attempt to fight the injustice that has been done to me

I cannot heal the world

I cannot stop the fighting

I can only play a small role

Though I know that each small action accumulates

I hope that you will be understanding and not judge me

I hope you never have to walk in my shoes

I hope that if you do find yourself walking the same path as me, that what I write can help clear the way so that you don’t have to struggle as hard as I have

Lastly, I hope that if you walk with me… as companion, watching my struggles or as another victim of an invisible illness… I hope that you have the courage to fight and be as strong as you can

You don’t have to be me but I wish that what I write will inspire you to not give in

To not give up


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