Another visit with the Neurologist April 7 2013

I am behind in my writing

I went home and tried to cope with my life there, as well as my pain and transcribing my journal

Currently I am in the hospital again but I want to talk about the last visit

The neurologist is highly amusing

I know he will read this but I really don’t care, this is my observation and there is very little that is shy about my personality

At one point the neurologist and his minions where in the room and he was discussing my health… maybe other things as well

He had his back to the wall, fashionable clothing under his white lab coat and all of it chosen for his color tones and chiseled face

Hair nearly perfect and really he has a face meant for the cinema, reminding me of those old black and white films I enjoy watching

Body to me but facing out the window, head turned to speak to his own reflection or the world outside

A voice that would melt listeners should he change careers and work for the radio stations, a lovely sound as he drones on and on

I had NO idea what he said, if I interrupted he became quite cross and I just wanted to giggle because here is a dominant male trying to make me submit… rarely happens

The neurologist was lost in his monologue

I really do think he would make a perfect super villain for a Bond film

Those I have told about this observation of mine, they all giggle and love the idea… including one nurse that works with him

I know he is passionate but he is often lost in his own head

We shall see how things progress

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