Clothing Rant while waiting March 25 2013

We fall prey to the evil clutches of fashion… unless of course you are a nudist… but there are still ways to adorn your body without clothing

I am sitting here in the waiting room with 3 young men, a young woman and an older couple

This gives me a wide range of fashion to observe

Some are practical, others are flashy and some are conservative…

I am showing cleavage *grin*

It is interesting to see the types of stockings or socks worn… thin and expensive taste or simple and sports like

Shoes vary as well but the “running” trend with everything is the need to tell the world


The body is a shell we live in, it is not “US” but it is an extension of ourselves and we need to protect it from the elements

We sometimes fall for the latest look, La Mode, which may not be designed for comfort or for good health

But the squirrel in us, or the magpie, calls out and says “oooo shiny! Must have”

We seem to have a need to cover our “shell”, our body with pretty things

We feel the need to fall into the “look at me” crowd

But why

Her young feet are being shaped and molded to a shoe that will cause problems for her toes and there is no real support which will hurt her back and other areas

The young males are not much better off

I know my own New Rock heels (not full boots) are not the best but I like feeling tall

Silly I know

We put so much need into fitting in and looking the part, even if that part is to try to stand out and be different or to hide in the crowd

Who cares

It isn’t important

Most of it stops us from growing as a person… most but not all

We have our heads screwed on wrong

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