Feb 15 2013 another Hospital visit (EDITED)

Woke up early and got started well, made good time to the hospital and sounded like a dork when trying to tell the guard at the gate where I needed to be

Being early is wonderful, I parked my car with easy… helps when there are no others parked yet

Figuring out the elevator was odd, seems you push the floor you want on the OUTSIDE and wait, good thing someone stopped a floor below where I needed to go and I took the stairs up one level (later learn that there are multiple elevators in one area and I used the “wrong” ones)

I find a nice lady and she shows me to my room, it is #13 on a Friday, I love it. I had been sad that today was not Friday the 13th but a room by this number is good enough. For most people Friday the 13th is bad luck but not for me


At first it is normal stuff, BP, blood samples, they always want urine so I did that long before they could ask… Americans are good at being preemptive 😉

So far it had only been the woman helping me but then the intern/med lady told me that the doctor would see me soon and by the use of language the doctor was male

An interesting note: I need to stop assuming that all male doctors will be older than me by many years… *blush*

Not only do I get a good looking doctor, who can’t be much older than me but he has a satellite orbiting him who is also good looking

Too funny, I have to do a little dance, move this way and that. Show how well I bend, lower my pants a little and show how well I can bend backwards… people are always surprised that I can be in as much pain as I am with my back, yet be very flexible… more so since I am not stick skinny

They wonder off, hubby gets here, doctors wonder back in and everyone gets to talking, translating and god my head hurts… too hot in the room, too dry, ready to pass out or throw up 😦

Alone now, thinking of many things… like my back, my hands, the various xrays that they will take, how bad my body hurts right now and how I “look” normal

Also thinking of last night

Kids have been itching and have a rash, me too

Took them to see the general doctor and for the first time in two weeks I look like crap and guess what happens…

The normal doctor (older, funny and attractive) is out and the younger one is there… and I swear he is flirting with me

Every time he shakes my hand… there is this… I don’t know how to explain it but it’s “HOW” he touches my hand and how long he holds it

I know guys… I read something and every time I have seen him, I have been with the hubby (and look like crap) and ignore what he does… kind of

Each time it has been needed to touch my hands and arms due to my health and… well… it’s the same thing… “HOW” he touches

It could be that he is just a gentle soul or tender due to how often I end up in tears when we see him (again, due to my health), or I could be imagining things… but…

I made sure I got his name and number… for my medical records of course

I haven’t tested it but, the number he gave me was not the same as on the paper for my prescription. I will call and thank him later, he really has been very kind and the look of genuine concern on his face, each and every time I have visited… its kind, its sweet and I like it… helps to counter some of the crap I have associated with doctors

I would love it to be that he is flirting with me and not like this with everyone but I don’t really care either way. I just enjoy the attention


Anyway back to the reality of being in the hospital

It’s boring

I hurt and feel ill and am being social me 🙂

Put some peppermint oil on my head and it helps a little




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