Hospital Tests Feb 15 2013

So Friday went to the hospital for tests

Which tests? I don’t really know, it’s not like they tell me or give me a list or a clue or really translate anything for me but the gist of it is… test to figure out what is wrong with my health, which autoimmune it is or if it is something else


Test was crap


Nothing found on the xrays (hands and back)

No solid clue on the blood tests

See Dr again in a month …maybe I get to see the specialist this time instead of some young underling and his minion

They gave me pain killers that are one level down from morphine and it has LOTS of side effects that effect people but ya know… rarely… so I shouldn’t worry


What happens….




And the pissy thing is!!!



I was on the hospital bed, talking to the 30yr old doc, hubby is translating as I get more and more hysterical

Crying madly

I don’t want the meds, I know they will cause me trouble

He leaves after a while


I keep crying

Takes a while

I calm down

Clean up

Put make up on

You know… my game face


I go out, get the prescription, fill it and take the meds like a good lil guinea pig


I get sick

The pain doesn’t go away

My eyes swell up

Lymph nodes react

Oh yay what fun


I am so fucking tempted to send that young doc a bunch of flowers and a note saying you win the sadistic fuck award


Honestly, I know there are others out there that are in worse shape than I am… this really gives me no comfort…

The reality of it is… we… as a whole… are at a stage in life that there is no reason why we should not be educating people more, helping the world to eat better, grow as a group and as an individual… there is no reason we should have this level of suffering going on for decades

We are not yet at a utopian level for education, medical care, personal growth and what not… but we could be if we gave a rat’s ass and tried instead of pointing fingers or thumbing our ass in stupidity


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