Humor & Venting legalizing weed in France

You know how things happen and they always come in 3’s

Celebrity deaths, important events or bad news

I personally feel it is Murphy’s Law in action this time…


I have many friends, all over the world, hell I am so social I would probly be the first one to make contact with aliens from outer space and give them directions to the best place to try local food, drink and kink…

With my luck it would go that way

Also with my luck it has already happened and my brain has been erased!!

Fuck you Men In Black!


Ok I am ranting but I HAVE a reason for it!


All of those friends I mentioned, a good number of them would be totally jealous of the following collection of 3’s …


First on my list…

I heard from the hubby… do I believe him or do I not… anyway I heard from him that Gender Reassignment Surgery is somehow and to some extent covered by insurance for French citizens… I am trying to prove this but my brain is scattered tonight

If it IS true then it does me absolutely dick… as in no good, nothing, nada and ziltch

I like being a woman and have no plans of changing sex


Second on my list…

Gay marriage… hmmm… again this does me fuck all

I am bi, I like playing with women but on the whole I find that I am the only one that should be the female in my relationships and considered unstable *giggles*

So again, gay marriage is fantastic!

I love that my friends can be happy

It personally does me nothing

Sorry ladies you are just as beaver dammed as the guys are cock blocked


And that brings to my current point of the magical, mystical and annoying number three…

Fuck you Murphy!!!!!


Third on my list…

Legalized Medical Cannabis….. *head desk*

Have I said fuck you to this law of 3 thing?


Ah well, let me say it one more time…

Magical 3, Murphy’s Law… you both are a pair of evil cunts

Again, this is fantastic for others but does fuck all for me

Weed gives me migraines, makes me ill and I can’t orgasm while taking it… yes I have tried

I will admit this


I have enough issues in my life, I try to get past them but seriously, give a bitch a bone…

Universe, please toss me some kindness, now that the laws of 3 have been passed…

Can you do something for me?



I should do a video version of this, before writing I was venting to my 15yr old (we are both staying up late it seems) and he had a hard time not falling over laughing as I vented

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