March 18 2013 (EDITED)

Note: parts of this have been edited out due to sexual content, the original post can be found on my main (sex)blog and a link will be provided later


Currently waiting in the hospital to have my brain scanned, of course this will only happen after the lady makes me radioactive!!


So maybe I won’t become an alien or grow tentacles or any other such things… but I do admit to being excited and non plused all at once

Day has already been interesting

Getting kids to school and actually eating breakfast


On the way to the hospital, the drive was slippery from the rain and still drivers wanted to ride my ass…

There is one large slope, it is part of a small mountain…or so it feels

On the way down is a traffic light, I was stopped and waiting but from behind I heard the screech from someone’s tires

This poor woman had lost control of her car and was in the lane next to mine, on the left as she came sliding down the incline

When she crashed, it was into the car on her left but her car swung wide and almost hit my car. Some of the debris scattered in my path… I was amazed I didn’t panic

I felt bad for leaving and going about my day but she and the gentleman, from the car she had hit, seemed fine and there was no fighting or blood and I had my appointment to get to at the hospital

I was very happy to find a parking space, even more happy that I wouldn’t have to worry too badly as it was next to a walking path

The test had been odd but easy enough


After they took me to a long thin table and I had to wait… hold still… keep holding, it only takes 30 minutes… as the machine rotates around your skull

Now, if it was me… I would design the table to have proper arm rests

Otherwise it was relatively easy

After I was able to talk to the gentleman in charge about the results, a quicky if you like and he seemed upset (even with my decent French and his decent English) I was unable to fully understand or remember what he said… instead I focused on body language and tone of voice to guide me

Besides, it really didn’t matter what he said because the results really were “hot off the presses” and it really is foolish to expect a full picture of what is going on in my brain

So much easier with a normal x-ray of… say… a wrist, clear and simple to tell if it is broken

With the brain… things are FAR more complex

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