Health Highly Functional March 2013

Note: this is the last blog for today, I am heading off to the hospital soon and will not have internet connection but I will take my laptop and create more blogs to post

I know I still have to finish the 30 Days of Kink and there was a Meme that Innocent Loverboy included me in… I know I have been bad 😦 lol


I was on Facebook last night and it crossed my mind…
I know that a lot of you out there in Internet-Land like my writing and who I am and all kinds of other things about me…

But if you have been following my health updates…

My brain isn’t functioning at full power (low oxygen/blood flow in a few areas)

A very good example of how it affects me, is that I can’t do math anymore (simple addition only off the top of my head, slightly more complex on paper) and I used to be in advanced math and science classes during high school and that was even while I was suffering from 3 years of horrible health issues

…so… just think what I will be like when I am not in as much pain and using more of my brain

I really can’t wait for the neurologist to read through my blogs (granted I will give him the more “tame” versions) and help him understand who I am vs what I should or could be

I know that I seem normal, that I am highly functional and I am betting that most of his patients are coming in and they are not as highly functional as I am…

I want my life back

So off I go to the hospital tonight, the MRI tomorrow and hopefully an answer

My guess, for years is Lupus SLE focusing on the central nervous system… we shall see

Love ya all, keep following

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