MRI March 7 2013

Note: I have many blogs to post on my health, back logged and only just transcribed them from print to text… being in the hospital with nothing but time to kill and no Facebook gets you working quickly


Now to get up to date

Once again I am in the hospital

Today I have FINALLY had the magical, mystical machine which does the amazing thing, called the MRI …oooo…ahhh… bow down in awe

Really it is an awesome adventure

The different sounds and music remind me of the binary beat videos I watch on YouTube to help me relax

The only problem I saw with it …

Being short the pillow they use under your legs to help you rest well, just too big for me and they didn’t have anything smaller

It was a bit hot as well

I noticed a few times my heart started racing out of my control, as if a panic attack was being remotely triggered but I took control and calmed my breathing

I was very sad I didn’t have my camera with me

I think I could have talked the tech guy into taking a picture for the scavenger hunt

He seemed kind of disappointed when I mentioned being married

Probly due to the fact that I told him why I wish I had my camera and that I write a sex blog

Men are far too easy

Seems that the women in France, in general are far too timid when it comes to talking about sex or other things that I find easy and want to explore

It is almost time for lunch

They are going to feed me, give me the paperwork and send me on my way

I am excited

I hope this is the last of the tests I need to do

I hope I will have answers

I feel ok

I have had my body scanned for years with nothing as a result

There is only so much the body can tell you

It all starts in the brain

And I had been begging to have my brain scanned for decades

Now I have reached my goal

I can stop fighting so hard now

I still have to push to get the results and then a treatment plan but…

The hardest part is done


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