Tramadol & allergic reaction Feb 24 2013

Allergic reaction to Tramadol/Opioid pain medications


Just curious

Does anyone with an autoimmune disorder, any kind, have medication allergies?

The doctors gave me tramadol for the chronic pain

I didn’t want it, I was right not to want it but I didn’t know why

My memory is failing me, I didn’t remember that codeine is an opioid pain medication and that tramadol is too …

I know and the doctors know I developed an allergy to codeine

But my brain is going and I forgot

But it’s in my files

And they have the training/learning/taught to be doctors

They should have known the chance of me having a reaction was pretty fucking good

More so when (I later find out) these medications are not good for people with mental disorders (hello I am bipolar but no longer on meds because they stopped working even after the side effects continued) or those with curvature of the spine…

I had a panic attack in front of the doctor because I instinctively knew I shouldn’t have that medication but I couldn’t remember why

And I had showed him spine xrays from 2009 and just had new ones that day which he saw and agrees that yes I have curvature to my spine

There were so many warning flags that should have gone off in his head and he just stood there watching me have a panic attack


A week later and I learn all this because I have to teach myself

I have to look on the net

Not to be a hypochondriac but to find validation


So… tell me.. I can’t be the only one to suffer side effects or allergies to medication

I am looking for a connection between how normal/healthy people have side effects and allergies to medication vs how those of us with different types of autoimmune disorders behave to the medication

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