Must remember….

I keep forgetting to write more of what has been going on in my world…

ok I could mention that lately I have been SERIOUSLY tired and just not interested in many things, or I could say that I have been more active lately and this is most likely why I am so tired..

I have started making friends in the local “big” town, 70,000+ really doesn’t seem all that big to me but well… that is the life of living in the middle of nowhere

My new friend went away for the weekend and left me the key to his apartment…


I love his lil cat, she is a year old and goes absolutely NUTS with me, nomming and scratching me all over my arm and hand. It’s awesome!!!

She is free to be her crazy lil fur ball self with me and it is great to see

Having animals in my life makes a HUGE difference on how I deal with my pain and my emotional stress in life… specifically the panic attacks

but having a friend with animal’s means I am more likely to try and get out of my house, go see my friends and in that “big” town… that means a lot of walking up and down hills and staircases

Even simple exercise leaves me exhausted after but I keep trying, life will only get worse if I do nothing but I am a social creature, very much like an animal and I need people

Being alone is very hard for me

It is like being in a holding pattern and waiting to land or being an empty glass waiting to be filled… hahah or a teddy bear waiting for a cuddle

Yes, more a cute cuddly toy waiting to be held and loved

mmmmm… soooo sleepy but in a good mood

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