About Me


My name is Shalla and I have been sick for 21 years

The illness hit me when I was in 7th grade (American schools) at about age 12, the doctors did nothing to seriously help me and my life, as it should have been…stopped

I moved to France in 2008, spent the following years trying to recreate my medical history before going to a specialist for help and when I spoke with doctors in 2012… things started

The doctors here (France) have acknowledged that …

”yes, I am sick”

that …”no, it’s not all in your head/made up/hypochondriac”

and that… “you have lupus but we still need more tests”

Finally…. It is real and people are helping me but I have lost 2/3rds of my life

As I write this, I am 33 years old


This blog is about what I am suffering from and the side effects of all the mental abuse I have gone through from doctors, teachers, lawyer, the government, family, friends and others in position of power

I have lived this long before being given a partial diagnosis, I have lost so much of my life just fighting to look normal and be healthy and I feel that I have been denied my rights as a US citizen

I am not the only one and I want to make sure that no other children, women and men (though they are rare to suffer from lupus) lose parts of their life by fighting each day to just get out of bed and function as everyone expects them to


I will warn you, my main blog is about me, my sex life, my views of sex health and everything that I deem important to share or find enjoyable

Should any of the blogs I post here be from entries that are cross posted on my main blog, I will provide a link to the original writing and I will remove the parts not relevant to this blog site

I want this blog to be available to everyone but sex is a part of life and the ability to be normal

After creating this blog about my fight with lupus and the difficulty of being diagnosed, I will also create a page on Facebook should anyone wish to keep up to date, contact me or share their stories and information

Though I have been blogging for a year, I am still a novice and request that everyone be patient with me as I learn my way around

Positive feedback is welcome … only positive feed back

As they say, “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”


Thank you


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